Leather Guard is hand crafted in England to the finest quality and with pride, buy British the finest quality today. Leather Guard forms a synergistic barrier which becomes integrally a part of the leather hide itself. That’s what makes Leather Guard so special and so different. Whilst being environmentally sustainable as well…..

The Ultimate Leather Stain Protector


Quality valeting / detailing car care products at affordable prices



We make our products to our taste so we believe in them!

With this in mind we can give 100% customer satisfaction on our products.



Power Maxed is a revolutionary range of automotive products. Our only aim is to be the best, nothing comes before that.


We have developed our products not just to be better than others but to be the best they can be. As far as we are concerned only quality counts and once you have tried Power Maxed you won’t want to use anything else.





Our mission is to produce the world most successful vehicle care products.

Autoglym is proudly manufactured in the UK, in the town of Letchworth 'The Worlds First Garden City'. From here it leaves us to go all over the world from America to Australia and everywhere in between. 


Working closely with strategic partners, AlloyGator™ has developed a tried and tested, cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage.



AMDetails are a local family run detailing company based in the North of Scotland. Our goal is to deliver professional car care services along with highly rated products to our customers. We began in December 2010 following our own interest in cars, as we noticed there wasn’t a company in the local area who offered the high standard of car cleaning that detailing can achieve. This, linked with the high costs charged for postage for detailing products to be shipped to the Highlands, we decided that our online store, which hosts our own AMDetails range, was the right solution for providing quality professionally used car care products without the high postage cost. Thus, AMDetails was born!

AM BUBBLES - 1 Litre




AM APC - 1 Litre






Dr Robinson's Parts Emporium is here to help keep your Air-cooled VW Alive and on the road with lots of used VW Parts.

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